Menominee, MI

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LiDAR Survey Services

Up North Helicopters is the sole provider of Precision LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) surveys with the Enstrom 480B helicopter. Our helicopter can fly low and slow to gather data to create high resolution DEM's (Digital Elevation Models) not possible with fixed wing platforms. With this technology, the laser sends pulses to the ground thereby "painting" the surface with millions of points producing accuracy up to 1-3cm vertical. Advanced systems merge LiDAR with orthophotography to produce imagery at the cutting edge of survey technology. Let Up North Helicopters deliver the solutions to your heliborne LiDAR and photogrammetry needs.

LiDAR Applications in the Mineral Exploration Industry

Gravity Surveys High resolution photography in conjunction with precision LiDAR can eliminate the need for ground based surveying of gravity stations and can provide detailed DEM's for terrain corrections.

Terrain Definition LiDAR based fine scale topographic maps and 3D images to identify subtle topographic features related to folding, faulting, silicification and other structural features potentially controlling mineralization.

Merged Data Integration of LiDAR data with geophysical , geological, spectral and geochemical data provides a powerful dataset for the exploration geologist.